DanceVersity Faculty

DanceVersity Faculty

The Danceversity Faculty members are a diverse blend of professional artists and instructors who are accomplished performers, well-known in their respective communities, and wherever possible, native to the communities they represent.

The summer dance camp offers four different styles and teachers per week. After-school dance class sessions run six or seven weeks with a different dance teacher for each session.


2015 Summer Camp Instructors

Week 1: August 3 - 7 ~ ELEMENTS - Exploring the elements reflected in dance styles and cultures

Week 2: August 10 -14 ~ RHYTHM - Experience the rhythms created by dancing

Week 3: August 17 - 21 ~ STORIES - Focus on historical and creative storytelling


Winter, 2014: Afro-foundations / Dancehall

Anya de Marie - Danceversity FacultyAnya de Marie, M.A. is an educator, dancer and activist. She is deeply passionate about dancing for the love of it, reclaiming culture, and healing from violence.

Fall 2013 Class: Inspiration India

Kathak dance by Antonia Minnecola

Lyric dance by Isabella Qureshi


2014 Summer Camp Instructors

2013 Summer Camp Instructors

Week 1:Americas (July 29 - Aug 2)

Week 2: Asia & Middle East (Aug 5 - 9)

Week 3: Europe & Africa (Aug 12 - 15)

2012-13 Class Instructors

2011-12 Dance Class Instructors

2011 DanceVersity Summer Camp Instructors

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

haitian dance with portsha
DanceVersity Summer Camp / Afro-Haitian dance

2010-2011 Dance Class Instructors

Previous Faculty

DanceVersity flamenco class/troupe performance
DanceVersity flamenco class / teen ensemble, Spring 2011